Reverse Engineering Services and Benefits

  • Existing Part Disassembly and Investigation

    Existing assemblies can hold key information with regard to manufacturing details or general technical knowledge. Often these details are hidden deep inside, with the skills and tools to tackle such tasks, projects which require part disassembly and investigation, can now be sub contracted to me. Take the easy option - talk to me

  • Creation/Replacement of Technical Drawings

    Sometimes things go missing, over time older parts may be presumed outdated so the relevant technical data is lost. If you have an older project or product which you now need a 3D model of, or require a complete set of technical drawings for, I have direct involvement with creating these. Leave the hard work to me - contact for more information

  • 3D Modelling Parts

    With extensive understanding of 3D modelling, along with industry homed skills in measuring components, creating a digital model of an existing part is a simple process. Drop an e-mail with your reverse enquiry need

Reverse Engineering

History is a fantastic resource of knowledge, the same applies to designs which may have been developed decades previously. The past is a brilliant place to look for design inspiration and engineering knowledge for future facing ideas. Brilliant innovation has occurred over centuries and it is a great tool that can be used in the modern day. Reverse engineering of an existing, product, item or component allows for that design or physical object to be fixed, improved upon or re-designed into something new.

I am highly familiar with working on used or unique components, which have seen service in machinery for many years, maybe these parts are worn our and require replacements but original drawings have been lost. Or the design features of the component need applying to the modern day equivalent product. Hands on engineering and understanding of design are crucial for creating accurate representations of reverse engineered parts, so that the knowledge gained can be used in the future to come.

Mechanical systems and disassembling items are past times I, and Iā€™m sure most engineers, enjoyed as a child and it is brilliant to offer this to the wider world as a service today. Now is the time to e-mail me if your project needs some expert reverse engineering assistance.