Reverse Engineering

The past is a brilliant place to look for design inspiration and engineering knowledge for future facing ideas. Brilliant innovation has occurred over centuries and it is a great tool that can be used in the modern day. Reverse engineering of an existing, product, item or component allows for that design or physical object to be fixed, improved upon or re-designed into something new.

I am highly familiar with working on used or rare components that require replicating for current use. Often i am asked to create a set of technical drawings for which the originals were lost decades ago. Hands on engineering and understanding of design are crucial for creating accurate representations of reverse engineered parts, so that the knowledge gained can be used in the future to come.

Mechanical systems and taking things apart are things I, and Iā€™m sure most engineers, enjoyed as a child and it is brilliant to offer this to the wider world as a service today. To the left are examples of reverse engineered work, now is the time to e-mail me if you are in need of reverse engineering assistance.