Prototyping Services and Benefits

  • Model Making

    It is much easier to change a design if you can hold it in your hand. Accurately modelling a product or making sample parts is the best way to establish if the design ticks the boxes. With my knowledge and network of sub contractors, prototyping is easy - Get in touch

  • 3D Printing

    Unlike others I will not automatically jump to 3D printing as the saviour of prototyping. It is an excellent avenue to explore new materials, complex geometric and prove a concept before committing tooling. I have over 8 years of hands on experience with 3D printing technologies and have the knowledge to advise on your project

  • Fabrication

    Laser cutting, grinding, plasma cutting, welding woodwork are just a few of the examples of fabrication I have directly worked with. This wealth of know how allows me to accurately comment on the best way forward with regard to your project

  • System Testing

    All mechanical or electrical systems require testing, do not worry this is something I can assist with. Working within the aerospace industry has taught me that testing of systems is key to ironing out bugs creating a fluid design that works on all levels. Local, trusted colleagues give me the confidence to say we can get any system to the next level


Hands on design is something I am passionate about, prototyping is a skill I have developed from childhood by building and fixing fighting robots. Techniques such as rapid prototyping, 3D Printing, model making, metalwork, plastics are ones I am accustomed to using across a wide range of client projects.

Taking a design from paper to prototype helps give practical understanding of design triumphs and flaws, and still remains the best way to trial a design before committing to manufacturing processes such as tooling or machining. This can be done in localised system form, or as an entire product, assessment of form and function are key review criteria for product design.

With access to an established workshop and in house 3D printing hardware, bringing your design or idea to life has never been easier. Marrying of multiple techniques to achieve the desired objectives is the smart way to design. Feel free to ask me about any previous work or techniques I have used, then we can get prototyping your idea.