Freelance Product Design Services:

  • New Idea Generation

    Active design, keeping designs fresh is a key aspect to being a reactive and ‘good’ designer. A side from working with clients, I am consistently designing, coming up with new ideas and making stuff, I can’t help it. This helps me improve and ultimately gives you, the client, an improved service as I learn from my own projects

    I can do the same for you…

  • Product Design Consultation

    I have worked with clients who have been crafting their project over months, working out the details and even prototyping ideas. Hitting hurdles in design is normal, I can offer a fresh perspective on your project and highlight areas to improve or how to push it onto the next stage. I am happy to get involved at any stage of the process

  • Idea - Design - Prototype

    Invention is in the human spirit, you have an idea you believe can change the world, fantastic, but what next ? Allow me to help, product design is the art of taking an idea and transforming it into reality. With a step by step approach, you can slowly build your idea with guidance from an established designer. I can work with you to propel your design, move it from a dream to a saleable item. Let’s talk it through

Product Design

A lesson I have learnt throughout my career is that, anything is a ‘product’. Whether it is a self propelling suitcase, an innovative phone case or space rocket, the principles behind good product design are ever present. I am passionate about good design, presenting ideas that both work and look good is the name of the game.

The simplest item can be transformed into something exceptional with an addition here or change in material there. Product design is a discipline I practice constantly, self editing my own ideas and collaborating on ground breaking products with others. Over several years a network of talented advisers and sub-contractors has been created, a knowledge pool I have direct access to, allowing for designs to be developed dynamically and prototyped.

Often the important concept within a design project for the client is costings, I pride myself on offering a good value for investment service, but also actively design with the end product in mind. This allows for a reduction in prototyping steps, and thus saving money.

Let’s mix it up a bit together and produce better products, give me a call let’s have a chat.