Engineering Design Services:

  • Mechanical System Design

    Some projects are not simply stand alone items, they require in depth system designs, mechanical or otherwise. Through over a decade of creating fighting robots, I have knowledge which can offer an innovative solution to your challenge

  • Fabrication Design

    Complex designs can be developed with the use of flat pattern materials, folding techniques and thought through instruction of welding or other fixing method. Some products call for a different approach, fabrication engineering is a skill I have personally used or multiple projects, reducing the cost point and quickening the realisation of a design

  • Design for Manufacture

    Some designers do not give design for manufacture a moments thought, how will this be manufactured ? From the start of the project I keep in mind the necessity that the design has to be manufactured at some level. This key attribute to my design skills helps to reduce the time lost in re-design and associated costs. I want to save you time and effort - let’s chat !

Engineering Design

Engineering has allowed for enormous gains and continues to be an exciting environment for a freelance Design Engineer, like myself. I knew from a young age engineering was the career for me, developing my skills over a number of years has allowed me to design and build some amazing things whilst travelling the world.

These experiences allow me to innovate whole systems or specific mechanical items which achieve the goal under objectives provided by the client. Naturally with an external eye I am able to spot potential in a design to advise how to move it on or where savings could be made, either financial or mechanically. I have worked with all manner of materials throughout my career and within my personal hobbies, cutting, welding, fabricating as well as precision engineering are all disciplines I have immersed myself in and take pride in using in my work.

Engineering doesn’t have to be ordinary, let us have a chat about how we can excite the designs you may have already and what innovative solutions can be found.