Engineering Design Services:

Engineering Design

Engineering has allowed for enormous gains in humanity and it is exciting to be an engineer in this time. I knew from a young age engineering was something I wanted to be a part of and it has allowed me to design and build some amazing things whilst travelling the world.

These experiences allow me to innovate whole systems or specific mechanical items which achieve the goal under objectives provided by the client. Naturally with an external eye I am able to spot potential in a design to advise how to move it on or where savings could be made, either financial or mechanically. I have worked with all manner of materials throughout my career and within my personal hobbies, cutting, welding, fabricating in general as well as precision engineering are all disciplines I have immersed myself in over the years and take pride in using in my work.

Engineering doesn’t have to be ordinary, let us have a chat about how we can excite the designs you may have already and what innovative solutions can be found.