Freelance CAD Services:

3D Modelling

Technical Drawings

Part Analysis

Design Renders

Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Design is the modern drafting technique for taking the sketches on napkins and ideas in your head into a format that can be tweaked or manipulated as part of the design process. CAD systems allow the user to quickly and dynamically communicate designs to various people, allowing for a collaborative design process.

CAD has been part of my life since school, therefore I am highly familiar with the quirks and benefits, having designed many products and engineering elements in various software. Technical drawings or 3D models are ever present at every stage of the product or engineering design process. Production of single components or assemblies within CAD is relatively easy in the modern age, allowing for additional analysis such as mass or centre of gravity estimations. For further information on the CAD services i can provide please get in touch now.