Freelance CAD Services and Benefits:

  • 3D Modelling

    Typically most people think of a 3D model on a computer screen when referencing CAD. This, often, forms the back bone of many CAD applications. Using cutting edge software I am able to quickly assess existing models or create innovative products and mechanical systems, sharing the designs to ensure full client engagement

  • Technical Drawings

    Producing drawing in a digital environment is something that goes hand in hand with modern day design. Technical drawings are a great solution for conveying designs to multiple people, manufactures, machinists or the customers themselves. The great benefit of working with me to create your technical drawings is that every aspect can be unique to your needs, through our freelance CAD drafting service

  • Part Analysis

    Perhaps you have existing CAD data which lack something, or not put together inline with your instruction. I can analyse these models and advise how they can be improved

  • Design Renders

    With the advent of ever more powerful CAD programs, photo realistic images of your design in the form of a computer model are easily achievable. This allows for form analysis, material selection and colour testing without committing to expensive prototyping options, save money, make contact now

Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the modern drafting technique for taking the sketches on napkins and ideas in your head into a format that can be tweaked or manipulated as part of the design process. With our state-of-the-art 3D CAD design systems, I am able to quickly and dynamically communicate designs to the client or sub-contractors, allowing for a collaborative design process.

CAD is a go to solution for creating 3D designs of new innovative ideas, allowing for time efficient analysis of designs, alterations are swift to integrate and develop.  This knowledge built up over many years of industry experience in addition to personal projects, allows for quick deployment to product and engineering tasks.  Different projects call for individual solutions, identifying the required scope of work for each client is a skill I have established involvement in, providing technical drawing, 3D modelling, rendering and reverse engineering services to name a few.

Whether it is multi part complex assemblies of mechanical systems or a cutting edge intricate design, it is inevitable CAD will form part of the package.  To learn more about how it can help you get in touch now.