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About me : Design Engineering Consultant

Iā€™m a product and engineering designer based in Burton Upon Trent who loves to tackle new challenges and drive innovation. I enjoy finding solutions which fit with the project objectives, using CAD systems and hands on prototyping where required. 

I am familiar with producing technical drawings, 3D models and physical objects through my 4 years within the precision engineering industry, where I was able to hone the skills, I had put to great use in my BSc Product Design course.  I have been fortunate that my hobby closely aligns with the process of engineering design, that of combat robotics.  Designing, building, testing 110kg fighting robots is a brilliant way to put your engineering concepts to the test and allows for continual improvement.

I am keen entrepreneur myself, with multiple projects on the boil I understand the needs of people who need help in propelling their design and innovating it to suit the market.

Have a look at the services I offer and previous projects I have undertaken, then drop me an email and we can get cracking.