About Me

Hello, I am Alexander Marler: a freelance Design Engineer with 8 years of product design and engineering experience, I have an extensive background within the precision engineering industry, serving international aerospace and rail companies. I have a passion for engineering and creating designs that solve problems, with the knowledge to produce CAD models and technical drawings that can become physical objects, delivering innovative design whilst ensuring design feasibility. I don’t however hide behind a computer; I relish the chance to get hands-on with any project, visiting customers to understand the real-world implications of the venture. I have an extensive history of producing working models and products; I am a BSc Product Design graduate with a passion for combat robotics that has developed from childhood – taking me to international competitions across the globe.

I am keen to undertake new design enquires regardless of size or complexity; after all, challenging projects are the most interesting! Have a look at the services I offer and previous projects I have undertaken, then drop me an email and we can get cracking.